Mission Statement

Our mission​

The principal goal of Notaria Azpitarte is to develop a notarial activity according to the actual social reality, providing a high quality legal service, personalized, and added value for the client, based and oriented to ensuring maximum security and rigour.

We are fiercely professional, with a clear vocation to first-class service, commitment and total responsibility.
We always work in the strictest independence, respecting ethics and we are faithful to the traditional principles and values of the Notarial profession.

We work to deadlines and with the utmost efficiency. Legal relationships in an increasingly globalised market require maximum response. Our carefully selected staff are highly-trained and ready to work at great speed and to respond to all your professional doubts and queries, without compromising the quality of our services.

We understand that it is fundamental to offer immediate, on the spot answers, to be as close and accessible to the client as possible, together with maximum confidentiality, personalised service and with an eye to all those details we value so highly.

We study each case in detail, with special attention on the analysis of the financial implications of the legal work commissioned.
We also offer clients a wide choice of commissioning many types of prospective, complementary and accessory services which will help simplify and make your experience at the Notary more satisfying and to meet all your needs.

We believe in the importance of ongoing training and adaptation and most strongly in the use of advanced, modern technology.
Personal study and ongoing training are necessary and of the utmost importance and should continue throughout one’s professional career.

New information technology systems offer us unquestionable advantages, allowing us to work faster when carrying out work and greater advantages for external and internal communication and better, more comprehensive management capacity.