Practical Advice

Free choice of Notary

Use your rights to freely choose your Notary. Keeping in mind the value of deeds authorised by the Notary and the financial and legal, asset-related, business and family issues involved, you may choose the Notary who offers you the greatest level of confidence and security and who provides you of the most comprehensive service. The Notary will abide by the Law, offer impartial advice and look after your interests.

Appointment with the Clerk

On your first visit to the Notary, a clerk will assist you, guide you and help to offer you the best option, as well as clearing up all your doubts. Collaborate with him by providing all the documents required as soon as possible. Provide him of an e-mail and contact telephone number. Your personal details will be treated with the utmost privacy.

Public Car Park

Remember that whenever you visit us, you may use the Public Car Park in Plaza de la Paz, near the Notary.

Initial Draft

Before signing, you will receive a draft of the document to be signed, which you will be able to review and comment with us. Read it carefully, especially everything which refers to your personal details (marital status, home address, identity number, etc.). This will make the final signing easier.

Tax Issues

Please let us inform you on the financial implications of the operation in course. Remember the repercussions which the deed may have, both directly and indirectly on your tax liability.


On the day of signing before the Notary, please remember to bring all the original documents and your own identity document (Valid ID Card, Passport, Residence Card and the document which shows your N.I.E). If acting on behalf of another person, bring the power of attorney or legal designation to validate your actions legally.

Ask if you are in doubt

When the Notary reads out the document loud, pay attention. If you do not understand some article of the deed, please ask its meaning. The Notary will clear up your doubts.

Other procedures and document management

If you wish, we can help you to settle your taxes and we will make all the arrangements required to register the deed in the appropriate registry (Land and/or Company Registries). For transactions involving urban property we can offer you the choice of letting us manage and organise the payment of Municipal Capital Gains tax. To enquire as to the status of your application or documents, please contact our Document Management Department.

Long Opening Hours

We would like to remind you that Notaría Azpitarte is open to the public from Monday to Thursday, from 9am to 2.30pm and from 4.30pm to 7pm. Fridays from 8am to 3pm.


If you need an interpreter or translator, please let us know it. At the Notary we have interpreters for English, French, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch and German languages, and we have agreements with interpreters of other languages as well. The interpreter will come along with you to the appointments and will assist you on the deed signature´s day.